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"Friedrich von Hardenberg"

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Introduction of school

Our school:

In 1991 our school was turned into a Gymnasium. In 1994 our school was given the name Friedrich von Hardenberg. In school history of our hometown tradition of higher education goes back into the last century. The development of our Gymnasium up to present times takes up traditions and provides modern facilities to do the Abitur.

After the Foundation of our new school we worked on getting a dignified school name, which is connected with a historic personality. We decided for Friedrich von Hardenberg, who often stayed in a neighbouring town, in Grüningen.
The early romantic Friedrich von Hardenberg, also known as Novalis, had a love relationship to

Sophie von Kühn and often stayed in the Castle of Grueningen.

Our Gymnasium is located lies on the western outskirts of the new residential areas of Greussen, facing the town and the surrounding.

Greussen itsself is a romantic small town, that invites to be visited. The town lies half-way between the Harz-Mountains and the Thuringian Forrest. and is easy to reach. Greussen and its surounding didn´t only become known because of its history of development, but also because of its archaeological finds and excavations. "The Pig of Greußen" A touristic sight of great historical importance is the open air museum "Funkenburg"in Westgreussen.
It's always recomended to go on a sightseeing tour there.